How to Run Free Fire on PC

The football team shirts are back in Garena’s Free Fire , Battle Royale available for download on Android phones and iPhone ( iOS ). The items arrived on Tuesday (05) through the event Graffiti. Players can get the uniforms of several teams until next Monday (11). Check below all the uniforms confirmed by the developer so far and how to get the shirts in the game.

The Grafizando event brings together 16 shirts from different selections. As they are licensed by sports manufacturers, Free Fire named the items with reference to the country represented. In addition, the look of the shirts also does not have the coats of arms. Therefore, players can get the Canarinho Verdes (Brazil), Navigator (Portugal), Iron Tank (Germany), Pampas Eagle (Argentina), Polar Bear (Russia), Aztec Eagle (Mexico), Red Demons (Belgium) shirts, Winged Hussardo (Poland), Plow’s Claw (Uruguay), Taegeuk Tiger (Korea), Le Coq Gaulois (France), Hurricane Lions (England), Bullfighter (Spain) and Café Dourado (Colombia).

The national team shirts were first made available on Free Fire in July 2018, in celebration of the Russian World Cup. Since then, the clothing has become items desired by the players, since at the time the game was not so popular and the clothes are rare.

The Grafitado event offers three levels of prizes: blue, purple and gold, with blue being unlocked from the beginning. To win the items, players must perform 9, 99 and 199 diamond spins. The prizes are selected at random and the team shirts are in the Bolsa na Rede boxes, which is printed with a white and blue ball. These boxes are only available in the purple and gold levels, which cost 99 and 199, respectively.

Each event prize can be obtained only once, therefore, all items can be achieved in 12 spins. In addition to the famous team shirts, players can also win other prizes, such as shoes, emote, character packs, bag skins and PET Shiba.

Launched last year, how to hack free fire diamonds generator the Free Fire Contra Squad mode received the possibility of being played in a ranked way in this month’s update . Therefore, it will be common to find more and more experienced players during matches, being necessary to create strategies and make a good game in search of victory. Thinking about it, lists some tips on how to do well in mode.

The Contra Squad available in Free Fire puts players in a 4×4 situation, in matches that are played in a total of seven rounds. Both teams need to dominate the map while the safe zone decreases more and more, bringing teams closer together.

However, the game has a completely different functionality than Battle Royale , which is the option to buy weapons at the beginning of each round. Therefore, it is necessary to follow good strategies, mainly because it requires financial control from all players.

Basic prerequisite in any online game, communication could not be left out of the list. For having quick matches in which teams need to score to reach victory, communication between team players is essential.

Informing a teammate where your opponent is or if you are being attacked can be the difference between victory and defeat, or even the rise of rank. But it is important to remember that communication needs to be accurate and clean. That’s because any extra noise can prevent you from hearing an enemy next to you, for example.

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