How to Download Free Fire Fast in 2020

Mobile Game Garena Free Fire reached $1 billion gross revenue . One of the most played Battle Royale mobile games in the world, Free Fire continues to please its investors.

Mobile game, which is very popular especially in Latin America and Southeast Asia, has a very high number of users. The mobile game has over 450 million downloads free diamond free fire generator and over 50 million active users worldwide. With such a large and loyal audience, the game was inevitable to exceed the gross revenue threshold of $ 1 billion. The game is also quite high in terms of the watching rates of esports matches.

One of the reasons why the game is so popular in Latin America and Southeast Asia is the PR work it does. It is in constant cooperation with leading names, especially in the field of entertainment. The last example of this was the famous Brazilian DJ Alok. Free Fire developers have made DJ Alok a playable character in the game.

Another reason why it is so popular is its differences with other competing games in the same category. Garena Free Fire emphasizes hero-style characters and abilities. It is also a great advantage that it can be played even on low-end devices. In addition, playing matches with 50 people and finishing in 10 minutes are among the features that attract the users.

Free Fire will host 4 international e-sports tournaments in 2020 , starting with the Champions Cup in April. The cup will be held in Jakarta , Indonesia . The game’s World series will be held in Brazil once again, as in 2019.

The mobile battle royale game Free Fire plans to have an intense year doing major eSports tournaments. Free Fire will host 4 international esports tournaments for 2020 and will award a total of nearly $ 2 million in prizes.

The Free Fire Champions Cup 2020 will take place on 19 April 2020 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cup qualifiers have begun and the first 12 teams from 9 regions will be entitled to hang out in April.

In the World Series organized by Free Fire last year , the Free Fire World Series 2019 in Thailand Bangkok , Evos Capital Team from Indonesia prevailed, and the entire event reached more than 1 million simultaneous views on YouTube.

Fire Fire World Series will continue its second leg in November 2020 and the finals will take place in Brazil for two consecutive years. In the last tournament in 2019, the Corinthians team from Brazil was the first to win a global tournament.

Most of you don’t know the mobile game called Garena Free Fire . This game is a mobile Battle Royale game released for smartphones about two years ago . We can play this game on our Android and iOS devices. The game, which was released on December 4, 2017, currently has about 350 million players. If you started this game, you are at the right place.

Let’s say you downloaded this game and played a few matches. You’ve noticed that some features are mixed, right? Okay, it looks a lot like PUBG Mobile, but it differs in some ways. Here, we have prepared our article titled Garena Free Fire starter guide to eliminate this confusion and provide information that will be useful for you. You will learn a lot of information on this subject. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Garena Free Fire Getting Started Guide

In this survival game, cosmetics don’t matter. But the characters in the game are of great importance. In most games, cosmetic items are something for display purposes. They do not affect the game. So they don’t make you stronger. The cosmetics here are sold with diamonds. It is bought with real money in diamonds. So there is no need for this. In contrast, characters have an important place. There are a total of 8 characters.

The first 2 heroes are given to you free of charge. These are the characters named Adam and Eve. There is nothing special about them. It is open for everyone. The other 6 characters have unique abilities and features. Let’s get to know them closely.

  • Nikita : Submachine fills weapons 4% faster.
  • Misha : It has 2% faster driving.
  • Andrew : The vest takes 2% less damage.
  • Kelly : Running 1% faster.
  • Olivia : It can animate other players.
  • Ford : Takes 4% less damage outside the safe zone.

Of these characters, only Misha opens with diamonds. You can open other characters in any currency. These statistics and proportions will increase as you develop your characters. For example, while Kelly starts with 1% faster running at first, this character will grow up to 5% as it develops and level up. For example, imagine that Ford’s ability has improved and its ratio has increased. It will be perfect for tactical lovers and players playing at borders.

Red color

Some times in the game, you will see a red color on your screen. This warning-like feature shows that you are in danger. If you see that this light is on (in the middle of the screen), you are facing an enemy. Therefore, you must collect yourself and shoot the enemy at that moment. You can use this color and warning if you have trouble hitting enemies. It was officially a support feature in the game.


The vehicles in the game go quite fast. You can use these vehicles both to escape and to quickly reach a place. But I advise you to never use the tools towards the end of the game. Because when you use these tools, everyone will see where. It shows your place. It would be best to use it at the beginning of the game. You can use the tools insidiously. For example, after getting the materials at the beginning of the game, skip it and go to a vehicle. Wait for the nation to kill each other and when the few remain, get on the field.

Be quick

As soon as you get down, try to equip yourself and find a nice place. Because as soon as you land, clashes will begin. So it would be useful to act fast. My advice to you when you land is to avoid the war. Even if those who shoot at you, attack, get away. Because at the very beginning of the game, the job is completely dependent on luck. Be you, always focus on collecting loot.


Never stand still like a statue in the game. Since most people play this game on the phone, most of them stand still while shooting. Here, take care not to do this. If you can even play, play this game with an emulator. It will make you difficult target when you are not on the move. In this way, you can easily destroy the opponent who will not die. When you don’t see where the fire came from, run left and right and enter a safe place.

We are at the end of our Garena Free Fire guide. I hope it has been a nice guide for those who have just started the game. If there is anything you want to ask, you can ask by commenting. See you.

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